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How digital radiographs can improve diagnostics and treatments in a dental office

Digital radiographs are images of the inside of the mouth that are captured using a digital x-ray sensor. These images are then stored on a computer for easy viewing. There are several advantages to using digital radiographs, and our team can discuss them with new and returning patients.

What are the benefits of digital imaging?

Digital x-rays offer many benefits over traditional film x-rays. They allow for a more detailed image to be captured, and they can be easily viewed on a computer screen. That allows Dr. Brian to get a closer look at your teeth and mouth and make a more accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays also expose you to less radiation than traditional film x-rays, reducing exposure to a fraction of the radiation and ensuring overall health and wellness.

How do digital radiographs improve diagnostics of dental conditions?

There are numerous benefits that digital radiographs can provide in diagnosing and treating many dental conditions. First and foremost, digital radiographs allow for much higher levels of clarity and resolution than traditional film-based radiographs. This means that small details and abnormalities can be more easily detected, leading to more accurate diagnoses.

Additionally, digital radiographs can be manipulated and enhanced in ways that film-based radiographs cannot, which further aids in the diagnostic process. For example, contrast levels can be adjusted to better highlight specific areas of interest, or images can be zoomed in on for a closer look.

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