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The advantages of using intraoral cameras during dental evaluations

At the office of Dr. Brian Gradinger, technologically advanced devices are used for the diagnosis and treatment of common dental concerns. Dental cameras, often known as intraoral cameras, are an excellent way for our team to provide patients a visual understanding of their dental needs.

What are the advantages of using intraoral cameras in a dental practice?

There are many pros to using intraoral cameras in a dental practice. Below are just a few of the benefits to consider when working with a dentist using this unique technology:

  • Clean images. Dental oral cameras can help Dr. Brian get a clear and accurate view of the mouth and teeth, essential for providing quality dental care.
  • Photo and video images. Dental cameras can be used to take pictures or videos of the mouth and teeth, which can be helpful for education and research purposes. It allows for improved planning for upcoming dental treatments.
  • Improved understanding. Intraoral cameras can help improve communication between dentists and patients and between dental team members.
  • Efficiency. With intraoral cameras, dentists can work quickly and easily once they understand the treatments that need to be performed and have clear images of the current situation.
  • Easy storage. Intraoral cameras provide digital content that can be easily stored in our computer systems and accessed at a later time with ease.
  • Visualization. It’s one thing to tell a patient they have a large cavity, but another to show them the cavity in their teeth. That improves understanding between dentist and patient and helps the patients visualize the care they require to bring their smiles back to health.

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