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What to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can be scary and sometimes painful. By getting emergency dental care, patients of the Valencia, California area can feel more at ease when problems arise. Dr. Brian Gradinger and his team are committed to providing same-day appointments whenever possible for new and existing patients who have unwanted situations occur at the worst times!

What is a dental emergency?

Dr. Brian Gradinger describes a dental emergency as trauma or injury to the mouth that requires immediate dental assistance to resolve. Most patients with a dental emergency will want to visit the dentist the same day to address the problem, warranting more immediate attention.

Common dental emergencies

The below situations are commonly seen by our same-day dentist for emergency dental care:

  • Avulsed tooth (knocked-out) – reattachment has a better chance of occurring the sooner patients get into our office. Bring the tooth after rinsing it with warm water while holding it from the crown. If possible, tuck the tooth back into the tooth socket on the way to the dentist or place it in a cup of milk or saliva as a last resort.
  • Lost filling or dental crown – fillings and crowns are often lost when eating. If dental restorations are lost while eating, try to remain calm. Bring the restoration to the dental office for a same-day appointment to attempt to re-bond or replace the restoration to avoid exposing the inner portion of the tooth–which can increase the likelihood of problems such as infection.
  • Cracked/chipped/broken teeth – mild to severe cracks should always be evaluated by a dentist as they can leave a tooth exposed and susceptible to infection. Minimize swelling with ice or a cold, damp dishcloth, and bring in the tooth fragment if possible.

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  • Dislodged or loose tooth – it may be possible to save a tooth that is loose or dislodged from the natural socket from injury or decay. In some instances, the dentist might perform root canal therapy–or emergency tooth extraction.

Call today to address dental emergency conditions!

Contact Dr. Brian Gradinger and his team in Valencia, CA, if you need immediate care for your smile at (661) 450-6650. We can assist with same-day appointments to address your dental emergency quickly and effectively.