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Cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the smile

Within the past ten years, interest in cosmetic dentistry has risen dramatically. Patients now know that having a beautiful smile doesn’t mean being a part of the Hollywood elite. Modern cosmetic dentistry and dental care services are becoming more attainable for the everyday patient, allowing individuals of all ages to enjoy affordable dental treatments focused on improving the smile’s appearance. Dr. Brian Gradinger and his team in Valencia, California, are here to offer not only general and family dentistry but affordable cosmetic dentistry as well.

What are some of the more typical cosmetic dental treatments available?

Dr. Brian Gradinger and his team in Valencia are excited to offer everything from single teeth contouring treatment like veneers to a complete smile makeover. Below are just a few of the more common aesthetic treatments offered at the practice:

  • Composite fillings – areas of decay can leave behind large crevices in the natural tooth structure that can leave a tooth susceptible to infection and breakage. The decay can be stopped by filling these areas with composite resin and the tooth restored for proper function and health.
  • Porcelain veneers – covering imperfections near the front of the smile often calls for porcelain veneers. These are very thin shells of porcelain bonded onto the front of a tooth to disguise defects like permanent staining or breakage.
  • Professional teeth whitening – a whiter smile is often associated with beauty and health. If you are unhappy with over-the-counter whitening products that fail to offer results or cause significant sensitivity, it may be time to ask about professional-grade teeth bleaching services available with Dr. Brian Gradinger and his team. These options provide better results in a shorter time, making them a worthwhile investment.

Enjoy cosmetic dental treatments with Dr. Brian Gradinger!

Valencia, CA, area patients who are interested in having a bright, healthy, and beautiful smile will want to take the time to talk to our team about the benefits of aesthetic dentistry. Call the office today to request your visit with our front office team. The practice is conveniently located at 23838 Valencia Blvd #301, and is open to new and returning patients and families who call (661) 450-6650 for an appointment.